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"Roots that keep you grounded,

wings that set you free."

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Leah Taylor

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About Me

My health journey began in 2021 after a serious and shocking diagnosis. In 2022 I decided to go back to school and attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I completed the program and am now a certified Holistic Nutritional Health Coach. As I continue my journey and education I hope to help other's with taking control of their health with helpful tools and options to heal the mind, body and soul as one.

My Holistic Team. AKA my She-healer's

Kaila Feves

Abigail Valencia

Dr Raleigh Warren

Vera Brink

"when you focus on the good

the good gets better."

I can't give you the exact date, but I remember every detail of that night. i had just moved into a new apartment. my bed was in my living room, and boxes were everywhere. It was August and I didn't have air conditionting, fans were blowing in every direction. if i was to guess the time, it was probably 3 am. insomnia had become my new friend. None of these details matter, really. What matters is, my mind and soul were in a very dark place, the darkest place i could ever imagine. i was scared, not of death. I don't know, maybe worse. i couldn't move. i was just diagnosed with a life ending disease and my hero had just died (my dad). my worse nightmare had come true. i didn't know who i was! what happened? to my past? my CHILDHOOD? MY Dad? ME?? What was going to be my future? Did i have one? why, why? I was lost. I had no idea what to DO. and THEN... a tiny crack of light shined in! I wish i had the words to create some kind of a poem or mantra out of it all. words to Change the world. I am no BUDHA, that's for sure. I am just a regular human that was strolling through life, Minding her business. When out of no where, a tidal wave of moments colliding together into one short week came crashing in. that one short week changed my life as i knew it... two lives were lost.. one life was found.

More details of My healing story to come....

The mind...

The Body..

"I deserve to be at peace

with food and my body."


I have struggled with a negative body image for as long as i can remember.

sadly, most females do. although, i know Men do as well. the diet culture took me in when i was in the 7th grade, I remember attending my first weight watchers meeting. since then, as they SAY, " I've tried them all!". I hope we can change that in our future.

The body is complex. Staying healthy is more then calories in and energy out. it is also more than just what's on your plate.

The soul...

"Our soul is the sacred essence within us: our deepest purpose, our unique meaning, the guiding force behind our individual lives."

My souls purpose are these people! My parents, jay and jan. my big sister, amy. and leah michelle. They are the roots that keep me grounded and the wings that set me free. thank you for your love.

i will try to make you proud every day. i hope i can help as many people as i can with their health and journey to happiness.


graduated from


Institute for




February 6,2023



Opening Soon!

More to come......

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